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Serving the K-12 School Districts since 1989

The Kentucky School Plant Management Association (KSPMA) is an organization dedicated to supporting school facility management and maintenance professionals in the state of Kentucky. Its primary focus is on providing resources, education, and networking opportunities for individuals responsible for managing and maintaining school buildings and facilities.

The KSPMA aims to promote the effective and efficient management of school facilities to create safe, healthy, and conducive learning environments for students and staff. This includes areas such as facility planning, maintenance, energy management, safety and security, and more.

Key functions of the Kentucky School Plant Management Association include:

Professional Development: The KSPMA offers training sessions, workshops, conferences, and seminars to help facility managers stay updated on best practices, regulations, and new technologies in the field.

Networking: The association provides a platform for professionals to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another. This networking can help foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Resources: KSPMA provides resources such as guidelines, templates, and publications related to school facility management and maintenance.

Advocacy: The organization advocates for policies and funding that support the improvement and maintenance of school facilities across the state.

Recognition: KSPMA offers awards or recognition to individuals, schools, or districts that excel in facility management and maintenance.

Partnerships: The association collaborates with other organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions to further its mission.

Membership is open to the following: 

    • K-12 School Districts 
    • Colleges and University's 
    • Charter Schools 
    • Vendors and Business that provide services to K-12 School Districts, Colleges, University's and Charter Schools.
    • Individuals whom are currently or formerly employed by a K-12 School District, College, University or Charter School
    • College students seeking a degree in a field related to Facility Management or Facility Operations
    • Vendor Partners

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