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OSHA Compliance Training for the K-12 Industry

The Kentucky School Plant Management Association is an authorized Training Provider (Agency) for the following entities: 

            • U.S. Training and Education Commission Provider #7100-11A
            • Pro-Trainers USA Provider #16-TA-101
            • Kentucky Department of Housing Training Provider for HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical Contractor/Electricians  

Authorized to provided the following Certifications:  

      • General Maintenance Certification Program 
      • Facility Manager Certification  
      • COVID Compliance Specialist Certification 
      • School Facility OSHA Compliance Specialist Certification  
      • Playground Inspection Specialist Certification* 
      • Bleacher Inspection Specialist Certification* 
      • Maintenance Worker OSHA Compliance Certification 
      • Custodial Worker OSHA Compliance Certification 
      • Scaffolding Erector Certification 
      • Scaffolding User Certification 
      • Powered Industrial Truck Certification 
      • Mobile Elevated Work Platform Certification 
      • Bucket Truck Operator Certification 
      • Continuing Education for Kentucky HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical Tradesman

*Pending Authorization 

The Kentucky School Plant Management Association offers the following courses for OSHA Compliance:  

  • The Maintenance Worker Safety Certification (32 Topics) 
  • The Custodial Worker Safety Certification (28 Topics) 
  • Mobile Elevated Working Platforms Certification
  • Powered Industrial Truck Certification
  • Bucket Truck Certification 
  • Scaffolding Certification 
  • Confined Space Certification 
  • First Aid/CPR Certification 
  • Fall Protection/Fall Prevention Certification 

Training includes:  Participant handbooks, food and beverages, certificates/training cards, instructors and door prizes. 

Member Price: 1/2 Day of Training $   750.00 

Full Day of Training $1,500.00

Non-Member Price:   1/2 Day of Training $1,200.00

Full Day of Training $2,000.00

For More Information or to schedule your Districts Training: 

Executive Directors Office

(502) 783-1441 or email:

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