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‚ÄčThe Facilities Manager Certification Program is a comprehensive instructional and certification program especially designed for persons responsible for the physical plant and their operations of Kentucky school facilities.  Applicants earn certification by attending training and successfully completing 80 hours of on-line training within a 12 month period.  Training topics include; Construction, LPC Process, KDE Processes, Maintenance and Operations Programs, OSHA & Safety, Building Systems, Personnel,  Emergency Procedures, and Public Expectations.  

Course Modules Included in the Facility Managers Certification Program:

FMO 101 – (ADA) American Disabilities Act – plan, request, reactions, legal ramifications                    
FMO 102 – Alterations to Buildings & Grounds – safety, local codes Architects/Engineers involvement, and KDE requirements
FMO 103 – Athletic Field Maintenance – turf grasses, synthetic turf systems, and staffing & maintenance cost evaluations
FMO 104 – “BEST PRACTICES” Maintenance & Operations – list of best practices recognized by KDE Division of Facilities
FMO 105 – Blue Print Reading – index, site, structural, architectural, mechanical
FMO 106 – Budgeting for School Districts – overview of budgeting process as it relates to governmental entities
FMO 107 – Board Meetings & Presentations – property approvals, construction changes, bids, information items for Local Board
FMO 108 – Building Inventories & Floor Plans – floor plans, room numbering, use codes, square footage
FMO 109 – Classroom Requirements – square footage, light levels, writer board & bulletin board, outside air
FMO 110 – Energy Conservation in Schools – electricity, water, gas, sewer, paper, trash
FMO 111 – Comprehensive School Improvement Planning – overview of the CIP process
FMO 112 – Classroom Health & Comfort - HVAC, humidity and temperature control
FMO 113 – Construction Processes – design, drawings, bidding, contracts, and closeout
FMO 114 – Commitment to Facilities – public expectations and demands as to the maintenance and cleaning level of facilities
FMO 115 – Custodial Building & Equipment Check List – daily, weekly, & monthly check list performed by building custodians
FMO 116 – Custodial Program – cleaning procedures during school year and maintenance cleaning
FMO 117 – Disaster Planning – tornado, earthquake, flood, ice storm
FMO 118 – Emergency Planning – loss of electricity, water, sewer during school operation times
FMO 119 – Exemplary Facilities – outstanding maintenance and operations programs
FMO 120 – Facility Planning & Construction – best construction practices, BG applications & forms, Board orders, and KDE checklist  an

FMO 121 – Facilities & Student Performance – cleanliness of building, adequate lighting, safe & comfortable environment
FMO 122 – Financial Management – overview of the various sources of revenue in a school district and which funds accounts for the spending of said revenue
FMO 123 – Interviewing, Hiring & Dismissal Recommendations, & Evaluations – what to ask & what not to ask, references, test, and instruments
FMO 124 – Lawn & Grounds Care – trees, shrubs, lawns, driveways, and parking lots
FMO 125 – Local Planning Committee & Facility Plan – LPC makeup, meetings, studies, advertisements, plan development, public forums, & KDE input
FMO 126 – Leases and Right-of-Ways - legal and KDE requirements and approvals
FMO 127 – Mechanical & Operational Building Systems – plumbing, electrical, EMS, maintenance management systems, electronic access & keying systems
FMO 128 – OSHA – laws, inspections, fines
FMO 129 – Personnel – job descriptions, evaluations, reprimands, salary schedules, work schedules
FMO 130 – Preventive Maintenance Program – boiler, chiller, pumps, building inspections, safety equipment, and painting
FMO 131 – Property Insurance – coverage, deductibles
FMO 132 – Risk Management – safety programs, accident prevention, accident investigations and follow-up changes
FMO 123 – Required Inspections & Training – fire alarm, fire suppression, building sprinkler, electrical, plumbing, & HVAC certification
FMO 133 – SBDM Allocations & Budget Cycles – discussion of allocations to school councils and the various regulations and formulas involved in those budgets and the general budget development cycle for school districts
FMO 134 – Staffing – supervisory, maintenance, custodial formulas
FMO 135 – Time Management – work order management, priorities, & projects
FMO 136 – Track & Tennis Court Care – coating, resurfacing, and painting

 Who Would Benefit?

School District employees with the responsibility of dealing with the maintenance and operation of facilities will benefit as being part of the certification of the KSPMA School Facilities Manager Program.

  • Director of Maintenance
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Directors of Custodial Services
  • Custodial Supervisors
  • Directors of Operations
  • Superintendents
  • Finance Managers

Member Price:  $750.00

Non-Member Price:  $1,500.00

Sign up today and start your career path to Certification:   FMC-000

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