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Natural Disaster Services 

Its not a mater of "IF" but more a matter of when....Natural Disasters happen every day and School Districts are are not immune to the destruction or devastation caused by such events.  

The Kentucky School Plant Management Association has assembled a volunteer team of Emergency First Responders that include Facility Managers, Structural Engineers, Disaster Workers, Custodians, Maintenance Crews, Demolition Crews, Builders, and Security.  

The Emergency Response Team is dedicated to assist the Superintendent and Facility Manager in stabilization and recovery efforts. 

Our team of professionals can:

  • Provide Food and Beverages for the District Recovery Team (Limited to 100 Workers) 
  • Provide Temporary Power (Generators) for critical operations 
  • Provide Communication (2-Way Radio Service up to 25 mile Radius of Ground Zero) on a dedicated Emergency Radio Repeater System
  • Provide Guidance, Assistance and limited Man-Power on recovery efforts (Cleanup, Decontamination, Restoration) 
  • Provide fast access to Vendor Partners for resources

This service is only available to Members of the Kentucky School Plant Management Association.  

Join The Team

Become part of our team of professionals and volunteer when you can.  The KSPMA ERT Professional must complete some FREE training Prior to being added to the team.  

  • OSHA Disaster Worker Certification 10 Hours 
  • KSPMA Emergency Operations Protocol  4 Hours
  • Must attend mock disaster training session annually 8 Hours

Join the Team | Declare Emergency/Request Services 

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