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Local Planning Committee (LPC)

Facilitator Services

Local Planning Committee Facilitator Service

“School districts shall develop a local facility plan once every four years…” 702KAR1:001

The Kentucky Education Reform Act mandated changes in the state’s school systems in order to provide equitable educational opportunities for all students within the school district and between school districts across the state. Quality school facilities contribute significantly to an equitable education. 702KAR1:001, a Kentucky Administrative Regulation, creates implementation guidelines for the development of local district facility plans. The process involves parents, staff, community and the school board. The School Facilities Construction Commission provides funding for payments on school construction bonds based on unmet facility needs identified in the local district facility plan.

The superintendent is responsible for initiating the process. The local board of education may request to engage a facilitator. The facilitator will assist in organizing and assist the committee in the development of a proposed district facility plan for capital construction projects, which identifies the district’s most critical building needs. The facilitator will assist the LPC and local board of education by:

  • Keeping the LPC focused on the planning process
  • Helping to develop a timeline
  • Providing order
  • Following the district facility plan developmental process defined by regulation and the Kentucky Department of Education
  • Securing research information or materials requested by the LPC or required by regulation
  • Providing direction and ideas to resolve stalemates
  • Remaining unbiased
  • Assisting the chairman and vice chairman in developing LPC agendas
  • Helping to plan and/or facilitate the LPC’s public forums
  • Assisting in the presentation of LPC reports and the final district facility plan to the local board of education
  • Assisting with compliance requirements for legal advertisements
  • Maintaining contact with the Kentucky Department of Education’s Division of Facilities Management to resolve procedural questions and for submittal of the district facility plan for department review, formatting and feedback

The KSPMA facilitator does not write the district facility plan. All decisions related to the plan shall be made by the Local Planning Committee and the local board of education.

The fee for this service is as follows:

  • 1 – 2 schools – $1,500
  • 3 schools – $3,000
  • 4 – 10 schools – $4,500
  • 11 – 15 schools – $7,000
  • 16 – 20 schools – $9,000
  • 21 schools or more – negotiable

In addition to this fee structure, normal travel expenses will be charged for the facilitator working up to 10 meetings in the district. If additional time is required beyond the 10 meetings, an hourly rate of $100 plus expenses will apply.

Local Facilities Planning (LPC) Services

KSPMA' Local Facilities Planning (LPC) service is designed to assist school district to meet their state-mandated updates of long-range plans  for building, renovating and/or replacing all of the facilities belonging to the system from school buildings to support service structures like bus garages and the central office.
KSPMA's LPC facilitators help:

  • Meet the specific requirements of the Kentucky Department of Education 
  • Assist in development of a planning timeline
  • Collect research information as requested
  • Provide ideas to resolve stalemates
  • Plan and/or facilitate the LPC’s public forums
  • and much more.

For more information please contact:

Tim Eaton, LPC Director

(606) 875-5241

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