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Association Training & Education Services 

The Association offers the following Certification Programs and Training Programs for members.  

Certification Programs 

      • General Maintenance Certification Program1 

      • Facility Manager Certification1  

      • COVID Compliance Specialist Certification

      • School Facility OSHA Compliance Specialist Certification1   
      • Playground Inspection Specialist Certification
      • Bleacher Inspection Specialist Certification* 
      • Maintenance Worker OSHA Compliance Certification2
      • Custodial Worker OSHA compliance Certification2

      • Scaffolding Erector Certification

      • Scaffolding User Certification3 

      • Powered Industrial Truck Certification3 

      • Mobile Elevated Work Platform Certification3 

      • Bucket Truck Operator Certification3 

*Pending application approval 

1 Courses offered Virtual (on-line) Only 

2 Courses Offered Virtual (on-line) and In-Person 

3 Courses Offered In-Person Only 

Train-The-Trainer Programs

  • Powered Industrial Truck Trainer
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platforms Trainer
  • OSHA General Course Trainer
  • OSHA Advanced Course Trainer
  • Kentucky Department of Housing CEU Instructor (Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC) 
  • Facility Site Trainer 

Private Training Services and Courses

      • Kentucky Department of Housing ME/EE, HVAC, & Plumbing Continuing Education 

Services Offered by the Association 

  • On-Site OSHA Compliance Survey 
  • OSHA Written Policies and Procedures 

Publications Offered by the Association 
  • Facility Manager Guidebook Version 2


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