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Association Training & Education Services 

The Association offers the following Certification Programs and Training Programs for members.  

Certification Programs 

      • General Maintenance Certification Program1 

      • Facility Manager Certification1  

      • COVID Compliance Specialist Certification

      • School Facility OSHA Compliance Specialist Certification1   
      • Playground Inspection Specialist Certification
      • Bleacher Inspection Specialist Certification* 
      • Maintenance Worker OSHA Compliance Certification2
      • Custodial Worker OSHA compliance Certification2

      • Scaffolding Erector Certification

      • Scaffolding User Certification3 

      • Powered Industrial Truck Certification3 

      • Mobile Elevated Work Platform Certification3 

      • Bucket Truck Operator Certification3 

*Pending application approval 

1 Courses offered Virtual (on-line) Only 

2 Courses Offered Virtual (on-line) and In-Person 

3 Courses Offered In-Person Only 

Train-The-Trainer Programs

  • Powered Industrial Truck Trainer
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platforms Trainer
  • OSHA General Course Trainer
  • OSHA Advanced Course Trainer
  • Kentucky Department of Housing CEU Instructor (Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC) 
  • Facility Site Trainer 

Private Training Services and Courses

      • Kentucky Department of Housing ME/EE, HVAC, & Plumbing Continuing Education 

Services Offered by the Association

  • OSHA Written Policies and Procedures 

The Association offers our members a comprehensive list of OSHA compliance policies that ensure compliance with OSHA's written programs.  These programs come in template format and can be customized to your districts needs. 

Publications Offered by the Association 
  • Facility Manager Guidebook Version 2

For more information about our Training & Education Services, please contact Ben Hamilton at 


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